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Are you interested in our views on a range of disability topics? Are you curious about the activities we undertake each year?

Through biannual reports, Working Group position papers, information packages and other publications, ADF aims to raise awareness about disability issues in a way that encourages positive change in Alberta. 


Position Papers and Information Packages

When a disability-related issue arises that concerns ADF member organizations, a Working Group is formed to address the issue. Over the years, Working Groups have focused on a number of topics. 

Recent Publication:

Alberta’s AISH Program Participants Live in Poverty

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2013Barrier-Free Design Working Group Position Paper, Barrier-Free Design in Alberta - Summary of the Issues - View File


2009Setting the Direction for Special Education in Alberta: Discussion Guide - View File

Election Readiness

2015Complete 2015 ADF Provincial Election Kit - An informational package for the Alberta 2015 provincial election including party contact information, strategies for speaking with candidates, and election fact sheets outlining some of the most important issues for people with disabilities. - View File
2015Election Kit Cover Letter - View File
2015Election Info Sheet and Party Contact List - View File
2015How to Visit a Candidate - View File
2015Provincial Election Voter Services - View File
2015AADL Fact Sheet - View File
2015Access to Medications Fact Sheet - View File
2015Accessibility Fact Sheet - View File
2015Education Fact Sheet - View File
2015Employment Fact Sheet - View File
2015Home Care Fact Sheet - View File
2015Housing Fact Sheet - View File
2015Income Support Fact Sheet - View File
2015Mental Health Fact Sheet - View File
2015Recreation & Active Living Fact Sheet - View File
2015Transportation Fact Sheet - View File


2012Hiring People with Disabilities - View File
2011Accessing Employment Supports and Services - January 20, 2011 - View File
2004Employment for Persons with Disabilities (June) - View File
2001Strengthening the EAPD Policy Framework (September) - View File
2000Improving Employment Outcomes for Albertans with Disabilities: Taking Action in the New Millennium (Summer) - View File


2012AADL Position Paper, Improving Access to AADL Supports - View File
2011Addressing the Needs of Albertans with Disabilities in the Continuing Care Living Settings - View File
2010ADF Recommendations for the development of the new Alberta Health Act - July 28, 2010 - View File
2010Lower Pharmaceutical Expenditures - View File
2010ADF Pharmaceutical Backgrounder Paper (September) - View File
2009Respite Care Demonstration Project Final Report - View File
2009Health Care System: The Need for Coordination, Cooperation and Integration - View File
2009Response to the Alberta Pharmaceutical Strategy - View File
2008Access to Medications for Albertans with Disabilities - View File
2006People with Disabilities and Private Health Care (February) - View File
2005Getting on with Better Health Care Overview - View File
2005Getting on with Better Health Care Submission - View File
2015Access to Mental Health Care for Albertans with Disabilities - View File

Home Care

2014Meeting the needs of Alberta's home care clients - View File
2001#5-Homemaking Services and Home Care - View File
2001#4-Portability of Home Care Services - View File
2001#4-Portability of Home Care Services - View File
2001#3-Communication and the Newly Eligible Home Care Client - View File
2001#2-Home Care Services in Rural Areas - View File
2001#1-Home Care and Long-term Disabilities - View File
2001Home Care Position Paper Executive Summary - View File

Income Support

2007The Importance of Annual Increases in the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Benefit Rate - View File
2005Comments & Recommendations regarding Modified AISH (June) - View File
2005Recommendations for Treatment of Income under AISH (May) - View File
2004AISH Recommendations (November) - View File
2004AISH Facts (November) - View File
2004Renewing AISH Discussion Guide - Submission Guideline for ADF member organizations (November) - View File
2004Making AISH Better - Presentation to the Standing Policy Committee on Learning and Employment - Briefing Package - View File
2016Alberta’s AISH Program Participants Live in Poverty - View File

Persons with Developmental Disabilities

2012PDD Position Paper, Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program - Summary of the Issues - View File

Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

2013Valuing and Supporting Alberta’s Non-Profit Disability Organizations: Challenges and Solutions Position Paper - View File

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Member Spotlight

  • PLAN Edmonton

    PLAN Edmonton is a family directed organization that assists families to build a circle of friends for a family member who is isolated or is at risk of being isolated due to disability, living arrangement, limited opportunities, society's perception or other circumstances.

    PLAN Edmonton
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind CNIB

    Our dedicated specialists work with people of all ages in their own homes, communities or local CNIB offices – providing a wide range of programs and services Canadians need to see beyond vision loss, build their independence and lead the lives they want. Whether you're looking for vision loss rehabilitation, emotional support, programs that can help you stay active and independent, or the chance to connect with others who are living with sight loss, we can help.

    Canadian National Institute for the Blind CNIB
  • Alberta Network for Mental Health (ANMH)

    The ANMH is a provincial organization that strives to improve the quality of life of mental health consumers in Alberta through the encouragement of self help/mutual aid and the promotion of "self respect through achievement".

    Alberta Network for Mental Health (ANMH)

Provincial Coordinator

ADF’s provincial coordinator develops periodical reports that outline the activities undertaken by the forum in three core business areas: Influencing Policies and Services, Member Services and Operational Excellence. 

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