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What We Do


ADF speaks with a united voice on issues that are important to its member organizations. The strength of our membership and our commitment to collaboration make us Alberta’s “go to” organization on disability issues. ADF activities fall into three main areas:                

Influencing Policies and Services

ADF influences progressive policy and responsible, accessible services to reflect the varied needs of Albertans with disabilities.


Building Partnerships

ADF builds partnerships with community organizations, businesses and other relevant stakeholders to provide information about and support for the inclusion of Albertans with disabilities.


Working with Government

ADF works with government to improve services for Albertans with disabilities. ADF makes policy and service recommendations, provides feedback on government initiatives and reviews and participates in government consultations.


Creating Strategies to Improve Services

ADF uses the collective expertise of its member organizations to develop service improvement strategies. When a disability-related issue that concerns ADF member organizations arises, a Working Group is formed. Over the years, Working Groups have focussed on a number of topics, including employment, housing, access to medications, home care and barrier-free design—to name a few.
Working Groups develop position papers and information packages. Learn more.

Supporting Member Organizations

ADF helps build the capacities of its member organizations and supports them to speak with a united voice. 


Providing Educational Opportunities

Each year, ADF hosts two member meetings that focus on the latest initiatives, research, programs and services impacting the lives of Albertans with disabilities. These meetings also provide members with the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest.
As well, ADF hosts a workshop each year that aims to support member organizations’ ability to build capacity.


Providing Disability-related Information and Resources

ADF regularly distributes news articles, research updates, government media announcements and other disability-related information via email. This information is shared with individuals, member organizations, government and businesses.
If you would like to be added to the ADF email list, contact the Provincial Coordinator.


Promoting Member Organizations' Activities

When a member organization has an event or initiative to promote or an announcement to make, they can get the word out through ADF’s email distribution list. As well, the ADF website highlights member organizations and their activities.


Promoting International Day of Persons with Disabilities 

Every year, on December 3, the disability community celebrates the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), a day that “aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities.” ADF actively supports provincial and local IDPD activities. Learn more.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to get involved with the ADF please email the ADF Provincial Coordinator at for more information.

Member Spotlight

  • Parkinson Alberta Society

    The Parkinson's Society of Alberta is dedicated to serving Albertans living with Parkinson's. Our goal is to ease the burden by educating, supporting, advocating and promoting research.

    Parkinson Alberta Society
  • Opportunity Works

    Entrepreneurship for Mental Health Opportunity Works is a registered non-profit agency that provides self-employment and mental health support to any individual in the Calgary community who identifies as a mental health consumer.

    Opportunity Works
  • YWCA of Edmonton

    To lead, support, and advocate for women, girls, and families when and where they need us.

    YWCA of Edmonton

What do Working Groups do?

Working Groups are initiated as needed and usually have a life span of about one year. In that time, a Working Group

  • ​Recruits members, many of whom are people with disabilities
  • Assigns a chairperson
  • Defines the issue it will address and sets goals for its activities
  • Submits terms of reference to the general forum and the steering committee for approval
  • Meets about once a month (or as needed) by conference call.
  • Develops strategies for overcoming the particular issue; these strategies are disseminated through position papers and information packages that are then posted on the ADF website.

Working Group activities are recorded in ADF’s biannual reports.

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